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Is Closed & Dissolved

Civil Law Cases Are As Perilous For Plaintiffs As They Are For Defendants!


My old Marine Corp Drill Sergeant, a Marine who never lost, always said

 "If you find yourself in a fair fight....your tactics suck."


If You Need To Change Your Tactics From Losing To Winning

Call Advantage Services Company


Are you becoming a victim yourself while trying to collect money owed to you?


Are you disillusioned by the legal whirlwind? Watching your chances of winning the legal battle drift away?


If you are Spending then Waiting then Spending then Waiting Don't Spend and Wait Anymore!


More Often Than Not, Licensed Private Investigators are the Difference between success and failure!


Don't Go Down The Road Alone! A PI Is Your Best Insurance!


Don't Be A Victim Of The System!

If You Are Involved In A Criminal Case And

Don't Have A Private Investigator You Are Doomed!

"Jailhouse informants, many of whom are seeking reduced time or special privileges, are notoriously unreliable.  A study by

The Center on Wrongful Convictions, at Northwestern University Law School

found lying police and jailhouse informants are the leading cause of wrongful convictions in capital cases in the U.S."

Published in The New Yorker September 7, 2009 by David Granny

Click Here To Read The Whole Story of Corruption And Incompetence In This Case



Our Corporate Policy Dictates That Ignoring A Problem Is Not A good Idea.

If You Need Help You Have Come To The Right Place.

All Initial Consultations Are No Charge.

Call Us. We Can Help Now!


Don't Spend Another Night Worrying!

We Can Help Now & We'll Consult At No Charge!    


We have documentable experience and a success ratio that is unparalleled in these fields. From sexual infidelity to embezzlement, we've done it all. We can find lost friends and loved ones, and guarantee, no find/no fee, that the person we find is actually the person you are looking for. Don't be fooled by internet scammers who charge you for a list of similar names and provide you with old and inaccurate information. We're licensed and accountable and we've been in business since 1983.


Met someone new? Uneasy about behavior that could be secretive or allusive? Does their description of their past seem to good to be true? Find it difficult to believe that he/she was an Astronaut, Fighter Pilot or Navy Seal. Are you finding it difficult to believe that this person was once wealthy and through no fault of their own, lost their fortune? Find it difficult to put the pieces of their lives together, at least the way they tell them to you? Your instincts are probably correct. What we can do is provide substantive evidence so you don't have to worry or question yourself any more! Find our about them now before its to late! Don't be one of the millions of people fooled by emotional manipulators. The solution is just a phone call away!


If You Represent or Own A Company Or Corporation Which Has An Internal Loss/Theft/Fraud Problem Or Needs Defense In Sexual A Harassment Suit, Product Liability, Patent Infringement, Intellectual Property Litigation Or Any Of The Myriad Of Legal Threats That Confront Businesses Everyday!


We Can Protect You From Your Employees & Your Employees From Anything!

Manage Risk. Don't Let Risk Manage You. Call Today For Free Consultation!


Our verifiable expertise in areas rarely or never encountered by corporate directors or corporate attorneys can mean the difference between satisfactory solutions and disasters! We can bring your firm the latest techniques for managing risks and anticipating security failures and we will     consult with you, initially, at no charge


Don't waste time and money financing a learning curve on existing legal staff. It never works. It's a costly and oft made mistake!

Rarely will it culminate in anything but huge expenditures, and, if it ever gets to court, courtroom failure! 

          Until now, all you could do was enter the legal whirlwind and wait and spend and wait and spend..........

The Efficacy Of Our Service Is Undisputed. Protect Yourself Starting Now!


Whether your company's stock is being illegally shorted or your internal security compromised, we can stop it now. We can also provide logistics and security for overseas business meetings and have done so for some of the largest multinational corporations. In our last calendar year our investigators worked on the ground in Europe, Australia, India and China. Where are you going to find that kind of current experience in Florida? Right Here and Only Here.


We have also authored intelligence reports for multinational corporations dealing with topics as diverse as evacuation plans and logistics in the event of a Bird Flu Quarantine (don't confuse it with Swine Flu). We've pre-cleared areas in South America prior to planned business meetings and assured the quality of everything from armed protection to safe, nourishing food. It takes health experts and former C.I.A. agents to pull these kinds of projects together and that is just a small sampling of the world of talent available to you from

Advantage Services Company





 We Can Identify & Document The Source Of Illegal Activity & Stop Your Loss Of Business Control & Revenue. Just as an example of our unparalleled investigative breadth we bring to your firm the experience of having stopped one of the LARGEST SHORTING SCAMS IN THE HISTORY OF US STOCKS. Just Click The Link Below To See The Case.

Amr I. Elgindy a/k/a Anthony "Tony" Elgindy


Special Skills Departments


Stop Naked Shorting Department

*Naked Short Selling, or naked shorting, is a controversial form of selling shares of securities short. Some forms of short-selling are legal and some are not. The controversy has surrounded naked short-selling, aimed at profiting from share price declines. The U.S. Security & Exchange Commission has issued a regulation seeking to curb naked shorting abuses, however these abuses have continued. Click Naked Short Selling to find out the real story! If you are an attorney with a case or a decision maker for a firm that has been victimized call or email us today. We can help NOW!!

Has Your Company Been Victimized?

What? You Don't Think There Is Anymore Naked Shorting?

Have We Got News! Click The Link Below For Today's List



If you have looked for help, you no doubt have learned the hard way, that experts in this arena are few and far between. Our experience and success is documented! Follow these links for a brief look at one case we were involved in and be really surprised at the characters who can be your enemy.


 A Whole New World Of Crime  OR  Enemies You Never Saw Coming


Latest article. Just follow the link below



How big is the delivery failure problem (delivery failure is when a person, fund or company does not borrow the stock or own the stock they short. They just pretend to have the shares to short)? Try $63 billion as of Q2, 2006, for just NYSE member firms - and that is at today's mark to market value, not the price at which the sales were made - likely 5-10X or more higher. See the totals for yourself. Go to the Securities Link below and download their own numbers!

Securities Industry Association's own summary of NYSE member firm financial performance, and contrast that to the DTCC/SEC's $6 billion fairy tale.

If your company has been victimized by the practice of naked shorting and you wish to take action to preserve the value of your stock and the assets of your shareholders, call us for a free conference....And Do It From A Sterile Phone!

                                            (People Are Listening & Watching! See Technical Countermeasures Below)

                                                             Our team has been verifiably successful in major shorting cases. Who do you know, or who have you been introduced to, or referred to, that can say that, and prove it? If your firm needs help, Nationally or Internationally, you need a team that is successful. Just being involved is not enough. We've stopped the shorting and provided the information that led to the conviction and incarceration of the perpetrators. We've done it before. We'll do it again!

Technical Countermeasures


 Our verifiable expertise in areas rarely or never encountered  by corporate directors or corporate attorneys can mean the difference between satisfactory solutions and disasters. Don't waste time and money financing a learning curve on existing professional staff. Rarely will it culminate in anything except courtroom failure!

We wrote the book on extraordinary competitive intelligence methodology. If you are not employing us, you don't have the most effective Counter Intelligence and Security Force on your team. Don't let your company be a victim. Don't invite the shorts to start or to continue to destroy your business. Don't enable these networks and encourage their continued attacks. You Can Stop the hemorrhage of information. You Can Stop Naked Shorting.

                                          Verifiable Track Records. Complete Accountability.                                                                     

                              Click the link below to view the efficacy of our work

                                               Amr I. Elgindy a/k/a Anthony "Tony" Elgindy

     Where did Elgindy get his information? We found out and they were convicted also.

                                                                       Royer & The FBI

                                             Ultimately, Your Decision Will Determine Whether Your Interests Remain Suspended In A Legal Whirlwind

                                                                   Until The Financial Resources Dedicated To Your Defense Are Exhausted

                       Or, You Exercise A Pro-Active Initiative And Meet Reality Head On, Thus Preserving Your firm's Assets & Securing Your Company's Future


                                                                                                         Call Us For A Free Consultation






Still not convinced that your privacy has been compromised? Still think that your defensive strategies are good enough? Did you know that the U.S. State Department estimates that there are over 1,700,000 eavesdropping devices sold each year? The State Department also reports that over 16,500 incidents of industrial espionage occur in the United States each year with an average economic impact of $2.25 million. Additionally, the American Society for Industrial Security estimates that Economic and Industrial Espionage cost Fortune 1000 companies over $53 billion in 2001. And, an annual report to Congress in 2004 on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage estimates that such activities cost anywhere from $100 to $250 billion annually.

Unfortunately, these surveys and estimates do not include the over 600,000 businesses in the U.S. with more than 20 employees or the 98,000 companies with more than 100 employees.


                                 Want to see what technical countermeasures are all about? Just click the link below


            Technical Countermeasures



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If You Are Looking For Anything That Has To Do With Investigations Or Process, Look Around, The Answers Are Here! If You Don't Find What You Are Looking For Just Email Us! We Really Can Help Now!


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