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These Links Updated 6/24/2013


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Local Court Rules & Administrative Orders


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All Florida Property Appraisers / On-line
Florida Dept of Law Enforcement / Fugitives / Criminal Activity Alerts
Florida Inmate / Convict Search
Fugitive Warrant

  1. Broward County Property Appraiser
  2. Palm Beach County Property Appraiser 
  3. Click Here For Telephone Pre-Fix Locations
  4. All Florida Clerks of Courts                              

  5. Department Of State Records  

  6. Corporate Records And Trademarks 

  7. Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) 

  8. Fictitious Names Inquiry

  9. Department Of State Licensing 

  10. Judgment Lien Filing Inquiry Menu

  11. Florida Professional State License Search
  12. Florida State Index Of Regulated Professions
  13. Florida State Licensing Division- Individual Names
  14. Florida Health Care Association (Nursing Homes)

  15. Florida Sex Offender Search

  16. Florida State Corrections Databases

  17. Florida Sex Offender

  18. Florida Statewide Criminal Records

  19. Florida Most Wanted Criminals

  20. Florida DMV Web Site

  21. Florida Dept Of Insurance Public Records

  22. Florida Inmate Population Records

  23. Florida Inmate Escape Notices

  24. Hillsborough County Arrest Inquiry

  25. U.S. Listing Of Individual State Vital Records
  26. Physician Profiles
  27. Physician Disciplinary Actions
  28. Expert Witnesses
  29. Yahoo State Directory
  30. State Constitution And State Codes
  31. State Private Investigative Associations
  32. Attorney Profiles
  33. State Bar Association
  34. State Statutes And Law
  35. State Supreme Court Opinions Records
  36. Real Estate Home Values
  37. State Courts Directory
  38. Geographic Name Database
  39. County Courthouse Address Finder
  40. County Courthouse Addresses And Phone Numbers
  41. Charlotte County Real Property

  42. Citrus County Real Property

  43. Duval County Real Property

  44. Escambia County Real Property

  45. Flagler County Property Appraiser

  46. Highlands County Real Property

  47. Hillsborough County Real Property

  48. Indian River County Real Property

  49. Lake County Real Property

  50. Lee County Real Property

  51. Leon County Real Appraiser

  52. Leon County Collector

  53. Leon County Marriage Records

  54. Leon County Public Records

  55. Manatee County Real Property

  56. Marion County Real Property

  57. Martin County Real Property

  58. Orange County Real Property

  59. Palm Beach County Real Property

  60. Pinellas County Appraiser

  61. Santa Rosa County Real Property

  62. Sarasota County Real Property

  63. Seminole County Real Property

  64. Saint John Real Property

  65. St. Lucie County Real Property

  66. Volusia County Real Property

  67. National Seized Property Auctions
  68. People And Email Finder
  69. Phonebook Lookups
  70. Reverse Area Code Lookup
  71. Reverse Email Lookup
  72. Yahoo State Courts Index
  73. Phone Number To Name And Address
  74. Zip Code Directory

Local Florida Court Rules

Florida Administrative Orders

    Broward County Property Appraiser
    Palm Beach County Property Appraiser  

Florida State Court Rules
bullet Rules of Appellate Procedure - from FLABAR Online
bullet Rules of Civil Procedure - from FLABAR Online
bullet Rules of Criminal Procedure - from FLABAR Online
bullet Family Law Rules of Procedure - from FLABAR Online
bullet Rules of Judicial Administration - from FLABAR Online
bullet Rules of Juvenile Procedure - from FLABAR Online
bullet Probate Rules - from FLABAR Online
bullet Small Claims Rules - from FLABAR Online
bullet Rules of Traffic Court - from FLABAR Online
bullet Rules of Workers Compensation Procedure - from FLABAR Online
bulletRules Regulating The Florida Bar
Florida State Circuit Court Rules
bullet6th Judicial Circuit - Pasco and Pinellas Counties.
bullet Administrative Orders & Local Rules
bullet8th Judicial Circuit - Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy, and Union Counties.
bulletLocal Rules
bullet9th Judicial Circuit - Orange and Osceola Counties.
bulletLocal Rules
bulletCourt Forms
bullet12th Judicial Circuit - DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.
bulletLocal Rules
bullet Court Forms
bullet13th Judicial Circuit - Hillsborough County.
bulletCourt Forms
bullet17th Judicial Circuit - Broward County
bulletLocal Rules
bullet18th Judicial Circuit - Brevard and Seminole Counties.
bullet Administrative Orders
bullet Local Practice Manuals

Social Security Number Guide

SS # Prefix Issuing State   SS # Prefix Issuing State
001-003 New Hampshire   478-485 Iowa
004-007 Maine   486-500 Missouri
008-009 Vermont   501-502 North Dakota
010-034 Massachusetts   503-504 South Dakota
035-039 Rhode Island   505-508 Nebraska
040-049 Connecticut   509-515 Kansas
050-134 New York   516-517 Montana
135-158 New Jersey   518-519 Idaho
159-211 Pennsylvania   520 Wyoming
212-220 Maryland   521-524 Colorado
211-222 Delaware   525 New Mexico
223-231 Virginia   526 Arizona
232 North Carolina   526 New Mexico
232 West Virginia   527 Arizona
233-236 West Virginia   528-529 Utah
237-246 North Carolina   530 Nevada
247-251 South Carolina   531-539 Washington
252-260 Georgia   540-544 Oregon
261-267 Florida (Also 589-595)   545-573 California
268-302 Ohio   574 Alaska
303-317 Indiana   575-576 Hawaii
318-361 Illinois   577-579 District of Columbia
362-386 Michigan   580 Virgin Islands
387-399 Wisconsin   580-584 Puerto Rico
400-407 Kentucky   585 New Mexico
408-415 Tennessee   586 Guam & American Samoa
416-424 Alabama   586 All Other Pacific Territories
425-428 Mississippi   587-588 Mississippi
429-432 Arkansas   589-595 Florida (Also 261-267)
433-439 Louisiana   600-601 Arizona (designated)
440-448 Oklahoma   602-626 California (designated)
449-467 Texas   700-728 Railroad Retirement
        Minnesota   729-999 Not currently in use

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