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Investigative Services

Advantage Services Company  Is Dissolved!

Principals Have Retired!
We were a Florida State Licensed Private Investigative Agency Fl License A-87-301

We were also Court Certified and Sheriff-Appointed Process Servers


Need To Locate A Company Or Person?

Look No Further! Our Services Are No Find/No Fee!

We find the exact company or person you are seeking. No endless, meaningless lists. Just one result. The right one! Guaranteed!

No Internet scamming. Don't take chances. Don't settle for a "list of like names" that won't do you a bit of good if you are trying to serve legal process or identify assets. 

After You Find Them Do You Need To Locate Their Assets?

Look No Further!  Nationwide!

We find assets listed in public records, nationwide, with enough information to proceed to garnishment or seizure in most cases. Looking for employment? This is the place. If it's listed in any of the hundreds of databases in this country, we'll find it. And we'll find all of this for the exact company, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, association of individual partnerships or Individual you specify!

The most thorough, organized and meticulously crafted asset reports available anywhere at any price. Every available public record is scoured for information from motor vehicles and boats to firearms dealers licenses. Over 80 specific searches including searching for criminal history, sexual predators, professional licenses, real property, corporations, UCC filings, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, marriages, associates and much more. This is the place to start if someone or a company owes you money. This reasonably priced search can identify individuals or corporations that are worth suing. After all. Litigation is expensive. Why litigate, win the judgment and wind up with nothing to collect from? This is the place to start. Pre or Post judgment. You can't do better.  

Investigative Services If You Need To Know The Truth

America's Foremost Investigative Referral Service

Project 1
Successfully resolved executive kidnapping in South America. Traveled to remote districts of several countries, negotiated with armed kidnappers and successfully returned American businessman to his family in US.

Project 2
Investigated, to the extreme benefit of our clients, extraordinarily sensitive, multi-million dollar divorce cases involving enterprise size businesses, multiple personal relationships, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, prostitution, drug use and child custody.

Project 3
Successfully appealed double homicide in North Carolina. Stepped in in the middle of the case with Nationally known lawyers and discovered evidence which did not stop the original conviction but subsequently proved vital to the appeal, which was won and the client went free.

Including, but not limited to marital surveillance and more important, marital information and intelligence.

If you or your loved ones have been charged or convicted of a serious crime we can help now. We Have Verifiable Success In Life imprisonment or Death Penalty issues.

We have worked with the largest insurance carriers in the world and potentially saved them millions of dollars. We have also worked for numerous individuals who were "stone walled" by major insurance carriers & were able to pierce the insurance veil and win for our clients. We have extraordinary experience on both sides of INSURANCE LITIGATION.

Product shrinkage? Loss of important clients? Internal, executive theft? We have stopped all of the above. We work for multi-billion dollar international firms as well as local software manufacturers and a multitude of other small businesses. 




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