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 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

What is a TSCM Inspection?

Keep in mind that there only about a dozen, legitimate and competent TSCM counterintelligence specialists in the U.S. private sector, be patient when we try to find a legitimate one to help you.

TSCM, Debugging, and Counterintelligence Specialists are not normally listed in the phone book with fancy ads, and rarely advertise their services with fancy marketing campaigns.

DO NOT try to initiate contact using any suspect telephone, and always call from off-site. (Call from a pay phone at an airport or hotel). This is a very important issue in that you can blow a TSCM service by being indiscreet on the telephone.

Be prepared to spend $3,500 to $5,000 for a small one-day inspection (plus expenses), and $250 or more per hour for a confidential phone consultation. Additionally, most TSCM firms will expect a retainer to be paid in advance.

It is often possible to have a TSCM specialist perform, a limited bug sweep at a cost of $5,000 to $6,500. Such a survey tends to be limited in scope, and is valuable only in very low threat situations, or as a preventive measure between regular TSCM inspections. This is commonly called a "Walk Though Sweep," and typically takes between 4 to 8 hours.

The most sought after TSCM Specialists are electrical engineers, communications engineers, and government trained intelligence personnel.

All legitimate TSCM Counterintelligence Specialists are certified, bonded, and insured.

TSCM Specialists are only licensed or regulated in two states (North Carolina and Nevada) and in those state the industry is very loosely controlled.

North Carolina is the only state to require formal training in TSCM, but virtually anyone can be certified after attending a one-week class on basic entry level TSCM (nothing more than basic electronics).

Always remember that TSCM is a technical service, and is not something your local police department has even the slightest clue regarding. Law enforcement agencies (including federal agencies) do not perform TSCM services for the public. They simply do not have the equipment, spare time, or training.

Do not expect any law enforcement agencies to help you find an eavesdropping device (it's not their job). The only time that a law enforcement agency enters the picture is in the rare event an eavesdropping device is found during a TSCM sweep (and even then most agencies will pretend the incident never happened). You are more likely to get an FBI agent to help you plant tulip bulbs in your garden then get one to perform a bug sweep for you.

An excellent indicator of the legitimacy of a TSCM specialist is a past or present government security clearance. If they don't have a history of such a clearance then politely (but quickly) show them the door.

Always look for those technical credentials!

Who to Avoid

Avoid any TSCM specialist who has a criminal record. Some "security or privacy consultants" are actually convicted felons or con artists who will defraud you if you give them half a chance (and they really know nothing about TSCM).

Beware of anyone who tries to promote himself or herself, a little too much, or who seems to have a PR firm or press agent working for them. Are they trying to impress you by telling you about all the articles that have been written about them?

Additionally, anyone who tries to convince you that they are a present or past corporate spy should be strongly avoided. These people are nothing but trouble, and should never be trusted.

Specifically ask the TSCM specialist about their background. Beware of those who try to play cloak-and-dagger games about answering your question about this.  These "problem children" tend operate spy shops or related businesses on the side.


Critical Issues


If your home or office is at risk, then so is your automobile.


Very often an intelligence agent will not bug an executives office, but instead bug the executives home, or their automobile. This is one of the favorite techniques used by Asian and French intelligence agents against U.S. businessmen and corporations.


Feel Free To Contact Us For More Information.

However Remember…Never From Anything But A Sterile Phone!


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